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Community Hero is an organization dedicated to convening, empowering and mobilizing supportive voices and forces of the African American community by creating long-term capacity and sustainable influence on policy, especially where there has been historic racial disparity.

CH is agile and responsive to the needs of our communities across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


Voting and accountability is more frequently than not, a focus only during election years.  This must change. 

  • Our goal is to create long-term capacity,  providing sustainable influence on political outcomes necessary to effect the positive change we want to see in our neighborhoods, our cities, and our state. 
  • The only way this will occur is through the mobilization of a network of civic-minded individuals with a common cause.  


Having a strong personal and communal infrastructure is key to having a solid, responsive voting bloc. 

  • Developing initiatives that empower our community in areas such as finance, youth empowerment, and workforce training is vital to strengthening our community.  



Hosting conferences, meetings, and workshops that focus on issues that matter to the African-American community. 

  • Consistent education and messaging provides a space for our community to absorb critical information because education continues to be and always will be the cornerstone to a democratic, equitable existence. 
  • Being well-versed on the topics that impact our communities allows us to become more insightful as a body, and more importantly allows us the ability to identify points of commonality that can be successfully addressed collaboratively. 

Recent Action In the Community

Recent Action in the Community

Election 2020 Mobilization- Montgomery County PA

“Vote Today Montco” Project.  Pop Up Rallies and Community Evens held Across Montgomery County to Increase Awareness of Early Voting Options.

Uplifting the Voice of
“the Underrepresented”

2020 has been a busy year.  Community Hero created a space for unheard voices and uplifted important information and education for the community.  This was done through the use of technology, extensive relationship building, and social innovation.    



Focus in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Dedicated to Serving the Needs of the Black Community


A Growing Team of Volunteers

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