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Community Hero Action Group is working hard at closing the health and wealth disparity gaps in the Black community across Pennsylvania.

Our mission

Our mission at Community Hero Action Group is to empower and inspire African-Americans by providing innovative education and mobilizing resources to decrease disparities in health and wealth. 

OUR Pledge


We connect with organizations & individuals to explore fresh alliances that extend community impact.


We honor the Black experience by listening to and finding inspiration in stories.


We advance an individual’s power by engaging with them through education and programs.


We grow our community’s capacity to transcend disparities in health and wealth.

what we care about

WHY WE CARE:  Our Health Matters

Blacks die from every chronic disease at a higher rate than any other ethnic group.

WHY WE CARE:   Our Wealth Matters

For every dollar the median white household has, the median Black household has 10 cents.

WHY WE CARE: Our (Consistent) Vote Matters

  Blacks votes when they believe interests are being met, and don’t vote as a protest to inequalities embedded in the political process.


innovation to transformation

With strategic,  innovative, transformational programs, we engage all generations to provide an educational experience that leaves community members informed, empowered, and motivated.

poverty is bad for your health

Poverty is bad for health.  People living in poverty are more likely to struggle to afford nutritious food, lack access to health care, or be overworked or stressed. 1

An increase in wealth will definitely provide the Black community with the transformational change necessary to create a sustainable, higher quality of life.

Blacks have historically been denied access to higher-paying jobs, quality education (for the skill set needed for those jobs), which means they are more likely to be adversely affected by social determinants of health and lifestyle that prevent them from achieving a higher quality of life.



We stay in the lab, so to speak.  This means we are constantly finding ways to push ourselves to engage our community and create transformational change.  Take a peek to the right to see where we spend our time.

  • HEALTH 40%
  • WEALTH 10% (More to come in 2023)

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