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Bridging the Digital Divide to Equitable Health Outcomes


Bridging the Gap to Equitable Health Outcomes Project (BDDEHOP “Bee-Dee-Hop” for short) provides members from underserved communities with free video-enabled devices; instructions; free tech support to connect them to their physicians via Telehealth; and to health & wellness tools via apps.  

*Currently only available for seniors in Montgomery County, PA


we are closing the gap

Studies have shown that technological barriers limit the access to connect underserved populations to remote care. 

We are doing something about it.



Older and low-income patients tend to be more vulnerable and have more complicated medical needs. By giving patients the opportunity to access care, we can prevent possible complications and unnecessary hospitalizations!


Social distancing has prevented seniors from interacting with others. Patients can also use these devices to connect with their families and friends, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety from this pandemic.


Some seniors don’t know how to use their devices or set them up. Providing printed out guides and free virtual tech support via email and phone call helps educate seniors and reduce stress around appointments and calling friends/family.