July 23, 2023

Special Episode: Transplanting Hope:  A Woman’s Journey Through Organ Donation

The story of Tahirah Muhammad stands as a testament to the power of hope, advocacy, and organ donation. Tahirah, the CEO of the Crescent Foundation: A Sickle Cell Initiative, has not only been a beacon of strength for those battling sickle cell disease but is also awaiting a life-changing kidney transplant. August is National Minority Organ Donation month so in partnership with Gift of Life, we dedicate this special episode to the topic of organ donation in the African-American community.  We delve into Tahirah’s remarkable journey, the resources of  the Gift of Life, the expertise of the Penn Transplant Institute, and the urgent need to address racial disparities in organ transplantation  in this powerful radio episode video, titled “Transplanting Hope: A Woman’s Journey Through Organ Donation,” 

Episode 6: Organ Donation in the African American Community

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