Voting Resources and Links to Accurate Information

Let’s build the voting bloc of the Black community one vote at a time.  Vote in every primary and general election because your voice and your community maters.


Check Your Address

Have you moved?

Have you skipped a year or two voting?

Do you like saving time and avoiding frustration?

Important Election Dates

Stay on top of the upcoming election dates.  Remember to  #voteeverysix











Register to Vote

Build the important voting Bloc of your community.  Officials listen to those who vote.  Voting is power.  Use it.

Vote by Mail

Dont’ Believe the Hype.  Voting by Mail-in or Absentee Ballot IS SAFE.  Remember that you must register to vote to get a mail-in-ballot.


Become a Poll Worker

Receive training.  Earn money.  Be a part of the process.


Volunteer with Us

Whether you like face-to-face interaction or virtual support, there’s an important place for you on the team year-round.

special initiatives


Who is Running For Judge

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