Vote Today Montco

EleCTION 2020

Historical Voting Access

This year, Pennsylvania had unprecedented access to voting that provided the Commonwealth with the most voting options that have ever been available in history.


For the first time, PA counties had the option to offer drop boxes and satellite election offices.  Better yet, voters also had the ability to cast their ballots prior to election day.  To put it plainly, Pennsylvanians could request their mail-in ballot with no excuse, complete their mail-in ballot (at the polling location if they chose) and most importantly cast their mail-in ballot before election day.  

A statewide early “voting” awareness and mobilization campaign was launched.  Community Hero participated by leading the “Vote Today Montco” campaign which specifically targeted Montgomery County, PA, the 3rd largest county in the Pennsylvania.

With support from organizations such as the Movement Voter Project, Community Hero was able to host pop-up voter celebration rallies, give out the highly-sought after “Vote Today Montco” hoodies, provide assistance to voters at satellite locations, hang door hangers in key neighborhoods, lead voter caravans, partner with a myriad of community partner events, and much more.  We were proud to be a part of history and look forward to continue to get out the vote in both non-election and election years.

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